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Sarnicola Simulation uses Galil Motion Controllers in their Aircraft Training and Thrill Ride Simulators.

Galil Motion Controllers are used in a TomoTherapy focused radiation treatment system. Galil's DMC-2153 5-axis motion controller precisely controls the motion of the patient couch.

Galil's DMC-2143 motion controller is used in Force Dynamics' 401CR simulator

Gammil uses a Galil 3-axis Ethernet motion controller in their Statler Stitcher automated quilting machines

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 WET Design uses a DMC-2143 4-axis Ethernet motion controller to control articulating water nozzles in their water sculptures.

Team Mojavation, a finalist in the DARPA 2007 Urban Challenge, used a Galil Single-Axis Motion Controller and Servo Motor Drive in their Unmanned Vehicle.

iGP2 Technology uses Galil 8-axis Ethernet Motion Controller and Servo Drives in their Automated Book Covering Machine

i3D movie camera uses Galil DMC-2183 8-axis Ethernet motion controller and servo motor drives to control film feed, shutters, focus, iris and convergence of lenses.

Artesa machine uses a Galil DMC-2143 4-axis Ethernet motion controller in an automated engraving machine to mimic delicate hand engravings.

Strategic Operations, Inc. uses a Galil DMC-4080 Ethernet motion controller in their unmanned ground vehicle for hyper-realistic military training.

PID Tuning of a Servo Motor using GalilTools Motion Control Software.

In this video we discuss good networking practices for connecting to Galil's motion controllers and PLC devices using Ethernet. Follow our step-by-step example where we connect to a Accelera series, DMC-4040, 4-axis motion controller by setting a Static IP address in Windows 7 and using Galil's latest software package, GalilSuite, to communicate.

Introduction to Galil's latest generation motion controllers - the Accelera Series.


Describes how to connect to a Galil Ethernet Motion Controller using GalilTools software.

CNC Machines International Uses Galil Motion Controllers in their Waterjet Cutting Machines.