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Sarnicola Simulation uses Galil Motion Controllers in their Aircraft Training and Thrill Ride Simulators.

Galil Motion Controllers are used in a TomoTherapy focused radiation treatment system. Galil's DMC-2153 5-axis motion controller precisely controls the motion of the patient couch.

Galil's DMC-2143 motion controller is used in Force Dynamics' 401CR simulator

 WET Design uses a DMC-2143 4-axis Ethernet motion controller to control articulating water nozzles in their water sculptures.

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Gammil uses a Galil 3-axis Ethernet motion controller in their Statler Stitcher automated quilting machines

Team Mojavation, a finalist in the DARPA 2007 Urban Challenge, used a Galil Single-Axis Motion Controller and Servo Motor Drive in their Unmanned Vehicle.

iGP2 Technology uses Galil 8-axis Ethernet Motion Controller and Servo Drives in their Automated Book Covering Machine

i3D movie camera uses Galil DMC-2183 8-axis Ethernet motion controller and servo motor drives to control film feed, shutters, focus, iris and convergence of lenses.

Artesa machine uses a Galil DMC-2143 4-axis Ethernet motion controller in an automated engraving machine to mimic delicate hand engravings.

Strategic Operations, Inc. uses a Galil DMC-4080 Ethernet motion controller in their unmanned ground vehicle for hyper-realistic military training.

Describes how to connect to a Galil Ethernet Motion Controller using GalilTools software.

CNC Machines International Uses Galil Motion Controllers in their Waterjet Cutting Machines.

In this video we discuss good networking practices for connecting to Galil's motion controllers and PLC devices using Ethernet. Follow our step-by-step example where we connect to a Accelera series, DMC-4040, 4-axis motion controller by setting a Static IP address in Windows 7 and using Galil's latest software package, GalilSuite, to communicate.

Introduction to Galil's latest generation motion controllers - the Accelera Series.


PID Tuning of a Servo Motor using GalilTools Motion Control Software.

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